Earlier this week, Conan O’Brien welcomed rapper-turned-actor Ice-T to his 'Conan' late night talk show. Conan’s question about video games led to Ice-T showing us how he celebrates his virtual achievements. Thankfully, Conan’s show is on TBS and not HBO.

A semi-avid, if unskilled, player himself, Conan brought up Ice-T’s love of video games during his interview. Ice talked about his love of Call of Duty and other shooters and told a story about his wife, Coco, having her phone calls interrupted by his loud online trash-talking, then moved on to how he celebrates beating a tough level in a game. Apparently, the former gangster rapper who was once denounced by President George Bush Sr., does a dance he calls the “Dick Dance.” Much to the chagrin of O’Brien, Ice-T demonstrated the dance, thankfully without an appearance by the eponymous organ.

The segment was pretty funny, but as someone who grew up listening to albums like 'Power', 'The Iceberg' and 'O.G Original Gangster', it’s weird to see Ice-T laughing it up and doing silly dances on mainstream TV. I know he’s been an actor longer than he was a hip-hop artist, but his transformation from Tipper Gore’s worst nightmare to a lovable TV actor is still strange to me.

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