The two night premiere of American Idol was this week and according to the ratings have dropped, and we're talking double digits.


Not exactly the premiere that American Idol was hoping for this week.   The ratings have dropped 13% since last season only being watched by 26 million people and fell 18% in their key demographic 18-49 year olds.

'Idol' is in it's 10th season and the ratings for the show have been on the decline since 2007, but this year is the shows worst premiere.  With the leaving of Simon Cowel and the addition Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez the normal 'Idol' crowd seems to have lost interest. This begs me to ask the question, was this a bad career move for Lopez and Tyler?

I know what your thinking, and yes, 26 million people is still a whole lot of people watching, but when a network looks and see's a double digit drop off like that the first instinct is to panic.  Now this season is already set but I can't help but think that next year they add another judge or replace one of this years.  Steven Tyler doesn't seem to be getting the positive reception that he or American Idol reps thought he would.  Now Tyler is a phenomenal lead singer and a rock icon, but 'Idols' main audience is made up of young teenage girls and most of them don't know who he is.  Why is that?  Because kids are stupid.  They are probably familiar with Jennifer Lopez, but even she has been out of the spot light for the last few years.   Let's hope things pick up for the show because if they don't we may never discover the next William Hung.

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