An expert on everything big from the University of Texas has confirmed that a 10 foot Anaconda is loose in Westbrook, Maine.

It sounds like the plot to a horror movie, which makes me wonder if this is some kind of a prank?

But according to locals in Westbrook, Maine there have been sightings of the Anaconda eating a beaver.... ok, so it still sounds like a prank.

However, I feel that it is up to the residents of the Capital Region to solve this problem because we recently solved our own 'Hey this is not supposed to be here' problem, with the whole Alligator Gar hunt.

So the question is: Who wants to go Anaconda hunting?

I think that someone should call Jennifer Lopez.

I will go Anaconda hunting with Jennifer Lopez, I will follow behind her all day long everywhere she does, I will stay behind her because she will need someone to watch her back and watch her back I will do.

Or we can send Candace and Vinnie to Maine to hunt the Anaconda, then again that would be a terrible idea because the Anaconda is 10 feet tall and if Vinnie stood on Candace's shoulders they would only be about 8 feet tall, Vinnie and Candace would be like an appetizer to the Anaconda, at least we would not have to see another "Free Advice Friday."

Of course the 'Big Question' everyone should be asking is: How did the Anaconda get there?

The only thing I can really think of is that the Anaconda wanted to try lobster.

Or... It's a secret government experiment to create a 'Arctic Anaconda' that we will send to Russia.

Or some jerk put it there, ether way this still sounds like the plot to a horror movie and that makes me skeptical about this story, so I am going to wait and se how this plays out until I come up with my conclusion.

In conclusion:




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