There is a lot of information that we need to be aware of during this pandemic. Now local law enforcement is warning of a scam that involves impersonating police officers. According to CBS 6 News, there is a warning coming from the Albany Police Departments to residents about a phone scam that has branched out across the city.

There were several reports at the beginning of the week of several people receiving calls that the scammer identifies themself as an Albany police officer. The caller id comes up as an Albany Police phone number.

The scam caller tells the potential victim that they have tickets and unpaid debt that they need to pay or they will be arrested. Because the call comes from, what is believed to be, an Albany Police number, you may think it is legitimate.

Albany Police say this is a scam and they would never call residents about unpaid tickets or debt. They will also never ask for a credit card or financial information over the phone.

Albany Police say that if you received on of these phone calls, you are to hang up immediately and contact police. Never give out financial information over the phone.

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