Swedish (Gothenburg) Metal quintet In Flames have shockingly been around since 1990. In the past two decades, they've gone through only four member changes. They have also changed record labels five times, and the band have recently announced they have now signed with Century Media Records.

The boys from In Flames decided to make the switch due their high international fame, and because Century Media is one of the biggest worldwide metal labels ever. This will be a big, awesome move for the band.

Also happening for the boys is their tenth studio album, Sounds of a Playground Fading, which is set to release in the U.S. on June 21.

Frontman Anders Friden released the following statement:

This is number 10..... Album number 10! That we even made it this far, that is amazing. Then, to deliver the album of our career, that is something else. It's fast, slow, heavy and mellow. It's happy, sad, angry and calm. 'Sounds of a playground Fading' is everything we ever done on crack (it's a metaphor, boys and girls), it's cask strength whisky when it's THAT perfect moment. Use and abuse! By the way, we are happy to be in bed with Century Media. They know the business, we know the music. [It's] a perfect match. What can possibly go wrong?- centurymedia.com

Century Media Records is also thrilled about the partnership, as they should be. In Flames is an incredibly amazing band that I've had the pleasure of seeing once, and hopefully will again someday.

We are very happy to make IN FLAMES part of the Century Media Family. The band has a very loyal international fan base and has found a partner with an international set up, says Antje Lange, Century Media Records.

I've been a fan of In Flames since I bought 2006's Come Clarity. It has been three years since their latest, amazing album A Sense of Purpose came out, so I am beyond excited to hear the new album. I'm sure it will be just as amazing, if not more. The album name alone is great, so I can just imagine what it sounds like.

To read more about the Swedish band, go here.

Are you a fan of In Flames? Will you be purchasing the new album?