I'm actually surprised that this had to be lowered.

Governor Cuomo has signed a bill lowering the threshold for intoxication while hunting to .08, the same as operating a motor vehicle or boat. This follows several states that have done the same thing lowering the threshold from .10 to .08. Including, Maine, Minnesota, New Hampshire and West Virginia.

I'm even surprised that .08 BAC is the threshold. I've taken firearm safety classes and have had a CCW permit. One of the first things they teach you is to never handle a gun after you've been drinking.

In my opinion, you shouldn't be drinking and actively hunting at all. Crack a couple cold ones after the hunt to celebrate.

The new bill states “An individual who is too intoxicated to drive a car or pilot a boat is also unfit to engage in hunting and the increased risk is not only to the hunter, but to everyone else in the field. This bill would ensure a consistent standard for intoxication in state law,”

According to an article at www.spectrumlocalnews.com the bill takes effect on Sept. 1, 2020.

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