Maria Brink-fronted quintet In This Moment chatted with us about their upcoming album Blood and exactly what "lit a fire" under them during its prodcution that made it into what it became.

The band's fourth studio album Blood releases August 14, with the album titled-single available on June 12. This was the hot topic of conversation for local artist Maria and I. She stated that it was "the most powerful and intense" album yet, especially for her, as she writes all of the band's lyrics.

The one thing that was a big eye opener for her was the departure of Jeff Fabb and Blake Bunzel, who recently left to the band in order to back American Idol contestant James Durbin's band. She discussed how it really put the fire in her, as well as the rest of the band. Although it was scary at first, she said it was just what the band needed in order to start to get to where they ultimately want to be. "We haven't even started what we want to do yet," she stated.

As for new members Tom Hane and Randy Weitzel, one was a close friend and the other they met via the Internet.

Aside from the talk of the album, I asked Maria how it felt to be named "the hottest chick in metal" to which she replied she didn't think she was. She did say however that it was honoring and inspiring, and hoped that she inspired others in return. "I am just so happy to be in music" she said.