This past Friday night, the Capital Region got rocked back to 1999 with Incubus.  And I have to admit, I almost wanted to stay there.

Incubus make a stop at the Palace Theatre for their current tour, celebrating 20 years of their pivotal album "Make Yourself".  20 years may have passed, but love for the album certainly hasn't.  In a crowd that was more passionate than one I've witnessed in maybe years, I witnessed Incubus perform their entire album and more.

Credit: Tatiana

Opening with documentary clips and home video clips from when the album was made and that time period, the tone of 1999 was felt before the band even took to the stage.  With minimal production, Incubus also provided a nice refresher of what it's like to have a band just be a band on stage.  I honestly haven't felt that way since seeing Soundgarden live.

At each word singer Brandon Boyd even said, the crowd roared.  It may be 2019, but every single adult in the crowd was in 1999 again, amidst their rock glory.  I was so astounded by how much the crowd rocked that I actually got some video clips on my phone to send to people.

Overall, this was hands down one of the best shows I've seen all year.  Between the band, the production, and the crowd, it was an another amazing night out with great music in the Capital Region.

Credit: Tatiana