The deadline for WWE Tough Enough audition video submissions ended last Friday at midnight. I only know of one local submission and it was epic, but it may have been too much for the WWE. 


Did anyone else from the Capital Region submit a Tough Enough video?

I know that these guys did, but for some reason I don't think that the WWE will be able to handle the awesome power of talent from the Real American Wrestling Federation.

I hope that these guys were not the only ones representing the Capital Region, with all the Cross-fitters and local independent wrestlers around there had to of been atleast one or two more submissions, after all the Capital Region is wrestling town!

I know that all the haters are going to remind me that wrestling is fake and that they don't care about any of this, the feeling is mutual, wrestling fans know that the outcome of most matches are predetermined and we don't care that you don't care. So we talk about how much we don't care about each other on the internet.

If you did submit a video to Tough Enough, that's cool, because your video may be featured on WWE Monday Night Raw, WWE Smackdown, WWE Tough Enough, The WWE Network and in commercials during WWE Events on the WWE Network.

You may even be one of the few that will actually make it on the show, I can't remember the last time we had a local reality TV star that is worth mentioning, but I am sure that someone envies them. Or they probably claimed that they are actually from New Jersey.

It's pretty cool that the WWE gives its fans this kind of opportunity.

Take that, haters.

And that's the bottom line.


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