I think in life you're either a Pepsi or Coke person....Ford or Chevy....Chick-Fil-A or Popeye's....McDonald's or Burger King. Or even a Sam's or Costco person.

Well some people....Costco people could be very happy very soon. According to reports from Twitter and www.wnyt.com Costco has filed for an application for a special use permit.  According to Wikipedia,  A special use permit authorizes land uses that are allowed and encouraged by the ordinance and declared harmonious with the applicable zoning district. Sounds like Costco is serisously looking at building a location in Guilderland. It might even be at Crossgates Mall according to an article in The Times Union. Right now it's mostly rumor, speculation and a grain of evidence, but it also looks like a step in the right direction for Costco lovers in the Capital District.


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