One of the most popular diners in the Capital Region will be closed down to go through some serious renovations. 

The Capital City Diner is one of my go-to locations. When they announced via Facebook that they would be closed down for a while go through renovations to their location I was a bit sad, but also really looking forward to seeing what the new place is going to look like when it's all done.

The "Shiny Diner" as it is known has been a part of our area since 2010 when it transformed from the Metro 20 Diner. I still remember when the Metro 20 first came to the area when they out in that new road to access Crossgate mall. It has been quite the journey for that intersection in Guilderland.

It looks like they will be closed for a good chunk of the summer by the looks of the message posted on their Facebook page. Many of the people who commented shared the same feelings as I did saying they're sad that their Diner is closed but looking forward to the outcome.

Personally for me, I loved the look and feel of the Capital City Diner. The people who work there are amazing and always so kind to my family when we go there to eat. While it may end up looking a bit different you can't take away their heart, which are the employees.

Capital City had that old school diner feel as soon as you walked it. Now, 14 years later it is probably time for them to update a few things. Though, I do hope they keep that classic feel - but a bit more of a modern take on it.

I always feel at home when I'm there for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I just need them to open back up soon so I can get my favorite Rueben sandwich again soon.

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