Kelly Osbourne, is allot of things, according to her Wikipedia she is the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne, she is a singer-songwriter, actress, television personality, fashion designer and now, because of her comments about Latinos on The View, she may also be a racist. 


After watching that I have only come to 2 conclusion, and that is that Rosie Perez is not afraid to show her age, but she is still hot.


I am still not sure if Kelly Osbourne is a racist, so I decided to use the process of elimination, to find out who Kelly Osbourne really is.

Is Kelly Osbourne a singer-song writer ?

Anyone can be a singer, so I guess it depends on wether you're a good singer or not, and according to Kelly's singing career, that lasted 2 whole albums, she is not a very good singer.

Is she a song writer?

Anyone can write lyrics to a song, I don't know if she wrote the actual music, but I somehow doubt it, because one thing that I did not see on her Wiki page is where she studied to become a song writer.

So Kelly Osbourne is actually just a bad singer, if she had a career in music then she would not be on The View.

Is Kelly Osbourne an actress? 

I have never seen anything that she was in, but I do know that she was a "Reality Star" before she was an actress, does this mean that she was acting, when she was supposed to just be herself?

Once again I did not see anything, nor do I ever hear anything about where she studied acting.

So Kelly Osbourne is not an actress, she is just Kelly Osbourne.

Is Kelly Osbourne a Television Personality?

She is billed as being a television presenter, but I have never seen her present a television before.

She is on television and has been on television as herself, so I guess this is the only thing that she really is.

Is Kelly Osbourne a Fashion Designer?

She has no credentials, so far she has not had any credentials to prove that she is anything but Kelly Osbourne.

I don't get fashion, I never see anyone wearing what they present at these expensive arts and crafts shows, where skinny people who don't smile walk up and down a runway, nothing about fashion makes any sense at all!

If it's fashion, then why are these people the only ones wearing it?

Models get paid by the minute, some by the second and some in drugs, so why aren't they smiling?

Why do they walk on the runway?

Is Kelly Osbourne a Fashion Designer?

Sure.... why not?

Is Kelly Osbourne a racist? 

No, but she is defiantly Kelly Osbourne, the daughter of Ozzy & Sharon Osbourne. She is just rich, British and kind of stupid.