Ronda Rousey lost a fight, over the weekend, Ronda Rousey lost: her undefeated record and UFC Women's Bantamweight Title, when Holly Holm kicked her in the face, and Ronda fell down.

Is this the end of Ronda Rousey's reign as a "Media Darling?"

Some people, like those guys on the "Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show" think that Ronda predicted that she would lose the fight, on "The Tonight Show."

Wow, I really hate Jimmy Fallon, but I still love Ronda Rousey.

Ronda Rousey had such an incredible run as champion, but I think that it may of gotten to her head, because is it just me, or does Ronda Rousey losing remind anyone of "Rocky 3?"

Rocky does not give up in the movie, and I hope that Ronda does not give up.

But, does this mean that Ronda is not going to be in the "Road House" reboot?

Does this mean that Ronda, will not be on the covers of magazines or on Late-Night talk shows, and Day-Time talk shows, and Morning shows?

I guess this also means that Ronda is not going to be at any award shows, or wrestling shows...

When did she find the time to train for this fight?

Did the media ruin Ronda Rousey's career as a MMA fighter?

If you really think about it, Ronda Rousey was receiving the same attention that a "Pop Star" would, she was the "Hot Topic" for a year, not a day went bye, where I would not see something about what Ronda Rousey, did or said on my newsfeed.

Her popularity kept her busy, but maybe she should of been busy doing what made her popular in the first place, and now she has to find the "Eye of the tiger" again, or she is just going to end up in the WWE.

Maybe, Ronda lost the fight on purpose, she was just using the UFC to launch her new career, as an "Action Star."

It's not too far off, if you think about it.

I have so many questions, but no answers, time will answer all of my questions, but my most important question is: Does Ronda need someone to kiss her boo boos?

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In conclusion:





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