Another challenge down on Q or Dare. This week we took on the lime challenge, sorta.

Now I say sorta just due to the fact. Are limes really that bad if you drink the squeezed out juice? Sure, they are bitter. That's about it though. It isn't as if it is painful to actually drink the juice of a lime. Maybe in higher amounts seeing as I watched LA Beast attempt to drink an ungodly amount. Originally I went and bought three limes with the mindset that I would be running solo this week. Then Goz joined in on the hilarity.

A challenge? maybe not. A hilarious sight to see our faces after we drank a good amount of lime juice? Definitely. I even said off camera to Goz, dude I thought this was gonna be worse. Not that I thought it was going to be bad. This was just easy.

Give us more of a challenge for next week by suggesting something for us to do in the comments below.