The New England Patriots, lost the AFC Championship game, to the Denver Broncos, I would like to repeat that. The New England Patriots, lost the AFC Championship game, to the Denver Broncos.

New England Patriots fans, are annoying, most of them jumped on the bandwagon between 2001 and 2004, the same time period that the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry reached it's modern peak.

Most of today's loud mouthed, ignorant, Patriots fans are really just trend followers, who are too shallow, to admit that they are not really football fans, or even sports fans, they just want to feel like they fit in somewhere.

They will claim to be "Boston Sports Fans," but they can't follow the Red Sox for the entire season, but will always be the first to say "Yankees Suck."

They know nothing about the Celtics are not relevant enough for them to pay attention to, and they don't watch hockey, because they don't understand it, and are to busy with their trendy lifestyles to learn the rules of the game, so that they can watch it.

Patriots fans are the only sports fans that are likely, to block you on Facebook, if you prove them wrong, because they are cowardly, brats, who don't understand why you don't agree with them, because in their little trendy brains, they like all the right things, and you are the one that is wrong, because you're not supporting whatever trend they are.

When making fun of a Patriots fan, be prepared for them to counter with comments such as:

"Yeah, well we won the Super Bowl, last year."

"We still had a great season."

"You're just jealous, because we always win."

And other references, as to why, their team is so great, and your's is so bad.

Some good counters to these counters are.:

"Then why aren't they going to the Super Bowl this year?"

"Do you need to sit on a ice pack all the time, because you're always so butt hurt?"

"So how is that revenge tour going?"

"See what happens, when they can't cheat?"

"How does it feel, to know that the Patriots legacy, is that they won, what they did, by cheating?"

Of course, there are some real Patriots fans, and real "Boston Sports Fans," and we can make fun of them to, but not as hard as the "Trendy Fans," because if you make fun of a real fan, they will cry like their hero Tom Brady.

Who do I think I am?

A Lions fan since 1988, we're bullet proof, because it can't get any worse, and we love to bring you down to our level.







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