There was a chance that it wouldn't happen, but it did. The Buffalo Bills are in the playoffs.  And one host says it should've never happened.

It came down to the very last day of the regular season before we knew if the Bills would be able to make it into the playoffs.  Then, it came down to the last play before we knew whether they would be playing at home, or if they would have to travel.

Now that all the dust has settled on the regular season, we know that the Bills will be playing at home until they lose, or they have to take on the Baltimore Ravens.  Rich Eisen who used to be on the NFL Network and now has his own show claims that it could've been the biggest mistake to let the Bills in.  It's not because he doesn't like them.  It's not because he doesn't think they deserve it.  It's because he knows they're dangerous and has been warning other teams that if you let them in, they just might make you regret it.

Who is he talking about?

Eisen was essentially talking about the Jacksonville Jaguars.  Pittsburgh was the other team that could've kept them out, but they did their part.  Pittsburgh needed to win against the Ravens.  Jacksonville needed to beat the Titans.  If those two things had happened, then the Bills would have had to win in their game against the Dolphins to make it into the postseason.

Jacksonville lost to the Titans and they beat the Dolphins anyway.

It took until the last game of the season, but the Bills found their way from the 11th seed just a few weeks ago, to the 2nd seed in the AFC.

It's a new season now.  Records don't matter anymore (where they're seeded does).  Every team is in a "win or go home" situation.  But the question begs to be answered.  Are the Buffalo Bills the most dangerous team in the playoffs?

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