Back in the 1700s States such as New York and Connecticut argued over the location of their border lines. Eventually those lines were settled and we now know very clearly where New York begins and ends. Not the same with the dispute over where Upstate New York begins.

If you were to ask an out-of-stater where Upstate New York many would tell you it's any part of New York above Manhattan. Some out-of-staters don't even know there's more to New York than the Big Apple. What's the opinion of the residents of New York? Is Albany considered Upstate?

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The biggest problem in trying to define Upstate New York is that there is no legally defined border. As much as you might not agree, this is subjective. Even the definition of Upstate, according to Merriam Webster, doesn't help pinpoint it's location:

Upstate - the chiefly rural part of a state when the major metropolitan area is in the south


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New York Upstate should know, right? Upstate is in their name and they include Albany, the Capital Region, Catskills and the Hudson Valley as part of Upstate New York. So far we have only eliminated Westchester County and points South from Upstate New York.

You live here! Is Albany part of Upstate New York? Where do you draw the Upstate New York line? This appears to be a touchy subject even with those of you that have lived in New York State your entire lives.

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