It’s been about a week since the Bills Mafia received shocking news that Stefon Diggs was traded to the Houston Texans, and more information continues to come out about the trade. 

Rumors suggest that Diggs asked for the trade, he modified his contract with Houston to become a free agent in 2025, and the Bills approved the trade with the exception that he may not go to one team, that being the Kansas City Chiefs. 

But one rumor gained traction following his farewell post to Buffalo on social media. 

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On Thursday, Stefon Diggs scrubbed his Instagram of any photo featuring a Buffalo Bills uniform, and then shared a single photo of him wearing his Bills #14 jersey while bidding the Buffalo community goodbye.

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“I can’t begin to express the amount of love and respect I have for the city of Buffalo ♥️💙. Four of the best years of my life, the city welcomed me with open arms. I’m forever grateful for you all and the @buffalobills organization ! Something special was built over these years with some very special men, that will always have a place in my heart. Billsmafia, so many great memories created throughout the years. Those games were crazy because of you. Sadly good things come to an end until we meet again ♾️ 14”

Shortly after this post was shared on social media, someone claimed to have ran his caption through an AI Content Detector, only to find that it was 98% likely to be written by AI, but is that really true?

I know people have changed their tune when it comes to Stefon Diggs since he was traded, but he was part of Buffalo for four seasons. Diggs may have gotten a lot of heat, but he had a soft spot for kids, and he would often throw the ball with them before a Buffalo game. 

It just doesn’t seem like Diggs would stoop to that point where he would have AI type his goodbye for him, so I decided to test his caption out myself with 4 different AI Content Detectors. 

You might be surprised with the results. 

Out of every AI Content Detector tool used, it was determined by every one of them that it was human written, but one AI tool highlighted the first sentence as possibly AI-written. 

So here’s my hypothesis: Diggs knew that people would be watching for that farewell post, and he wanted to make sure he got it right, so after typing up his goodbye, I think Diggs ran it through an AI proofreader. While Diggs may have wanted the trade, you can’t deny that Buffalo has been a core part of his NFL career, so of course he would want to make sure he says everything he needs to in his farewell post. 

Think of Maid of Honor and Best Man speeches nowadays. So many people will write their speech and double check it with AI, just to make sure it sounds good and they don't forget anything. 

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