It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago, working “remote” from home was such an unusual concept. In 2024, thanks to the pandemic forcing us to stay in our houses, working from home is a daily reality for millions of New York State residents. 

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The Pros And Cons Of Remote Work

Even though several local companies have put forth initiatives to bring their employees back into work, many employees have found that the remote work model works well for them. Remote work offered them freedom and time that they didn’t get to experience in an office environment. 

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Some businesses have adjusted their hiring strategy and now thrive on remote work, because it allows them to find stellar employees across the country without needing them to relocate. (Plus, attending meetings in your pajamas sounds much cozier than putting on a suit every day!)

On the other hand, working from home isn’t for everyone. Countless workers hated doing their job from home and couldn’t wait to return to the office. 

Which Cities In New York State Are Good For Remote Work?

For people who genuinely enjoy the “work from home” life, some cities are better than others. Lawn care company Lawnstarter took it into its hands to rank 200 cities across the United States to determine which cities were remote-worker-friendly and which ones were duds. 


To determine the best and worst cities to live in if you work from home, Lawnstarter analyzed publicly available data on several factors related to remote work, such as financial incentives, earning potential, workspace, connectivity, affordability, safety, and amenities.

Several cities across New York State made the cut, including Rochester (#56) New York City (#57) and Buffalo (#152). But one city in Upstate New York was down towards the very bottom of the list. 

Syracuse, New York One Of The Worst Cities For Remote Workers In The US

The Salt City was way down Lawnstarter’s list of Best Cities for Remote workers, ranking #157 out of 200 cities.

Syracuse New York

Syracuse was given low scores in several categories:

  • Earning Potential (196) - This was Syracuse’s lowest score due to the city’s low mean household income. 
  • Amenities (158) - Syracuse got a low score here thanks to our average square yard footage and our number of food delivery services. 
  • Affordability (150) - Syracuse didn't score well here because of our higher housing costs and cost of living. 

What do you think? Is Syracuse really that bad of a city to work remotely?

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