Capital Region Makes List of Top Cities For Rats
It's not the first time the Capital Region has landed on this list, but still, yikes.
And of course, when I read this news, I automatically started listening to "Rats" by Ghost, so at least there's a good rock song to go with it.  According to a recent list that CNY Central reported on, the…
NY Among Top For STDs
There are fifty states in the country. Do you think we possibly could be atop this list? You may want to hope no, the answer is below.
A U.S. Map Of Stereotypes
Californian artist and blogger Haley Nahman has created a map of the United States. Big deal right? Well it actually is, because her version of a U.S. map doesn't include names of states, capitals, rivers, mountains or anything else a typical map does. Her map is of stereotypes around the count…