There may be some surprising items on the list that you can bring into the Buffalo Bills stadium, especially if you are a parent. Here are some things that you can bring into the game according to the Buffalo Bills website:

  • Bottles, Juice Boxes – when accompanied by a child and/or infant and items necessary for medical purposes
  • Breast Pumps – please email our Guest Services team at to notify us of specifics including expected gate entry location and time
  • Blankets and/or additional clothing – will be searched by security
  • Food – unopened, single serve containers carried in an approved size clear plastic bag
  • iPads and tablet devices
  • Medications (i.e. epi pens, insulin, etc.) – please call BB-TICKS and/or email to notify us of specifics

But, there is something you can bring into the stadium that may be game-changing for you. According to some security guards at Highmark Stadium:

Can you bring in electric jackets, electric blankets or electric gloves into the Bills Stadium?

Yes, you can you just have to take out of the battery when walking through the scanner.

Pittsburgh is "banning" certain items ahead of the Buffalo-Pittsburgh game this Sunday.

The Buffalo Bills pulled off a massive comeback at the end of the season, winning 5 games in a row, in order to earn the right to be the #2 seed in the AFC and host the first playoff game. The Pittsburgh Steelers are making their way to Buffalo for this weekend's game at Highmark Stadium at 1 PM on Sunday.

On two different occasions so far, there were fans that were calling for "bans" of Buffalo items ahead of the game. While they are meant to be kind of fun...they just seem....kind of dumb in the eyes of Bills fans.

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