A group of tourists taking in the beauty of Mother Nature at Niagara Falls also saw the harsh side of nature when a deer was swept over the falls.

Deer are very strong swimmers. They are known to cross water looking for food, mates, or to avoid being prey. But are they strong enough to survive going over Niagara Falls? Unlikely.

Tourists on the American side watched as a deer went over the falls. "Oh no," one tourist could be heard saying in a video posted by Nature is Metal on Instagram.

"One deer either underestimated the power of the current when trying to cross or slipped in accidentally and got himself into trouble."

Survival Rate?

What is the likelihood the deer survived?

The Canadian side of the falls is higher than the American side at 188 feet. But a 100-foot fall with the force of the water, the possibility of the deer surviving is slim.

It's not just the height of the falls that is dangerous. You also need to consider the enormous force of the water and how much of it is falling on the deer all at once when it reaches the bottom.

1 Million Pounds Every Second

More than 132,000 gallons of water hits the bottom of Niagara Falls every second. One liter of water weighs 1 kg, so that's 570,000kg per second. That's 1,256,634 pounds - every second.

The odds of the deer surviving the fall and the weight of the water seem unimaginable.

The combination of the drop and the subsequent pummeling the deer is sure to endure when it reaches the second body of water is nothing short of catastrophic.

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