One New York retailer is giving you more sticker shock for 2024 as they raise their famous prices once again.

Remember when the Dollar Tree was only a dollar? Pepperidge Farm Remembers.

Dollar Tree announced it’ll be adding hundreds of new items to its store shelves, but at a higher cost. The new maximum price of items sold at Dollar Tree stores will be $7. It's weird that we live in a world where the Dollar Tree has items for sale that aren't always a dollar. When they raised their prices to $1.25, and even more than that in 2023, it got shoppers shocked. $7 at a dollar store isn't really a dollar.

According to Dreiling, the move was made in order to add new products to their shelves. “Over time, you will also see us fully integrate multi-price merchandise more into our stores, so our shoppers will find $5 bags of dog food next to our traditional $1.25 pet treats and toys, and our $3 bags of candy will be found in the candy aisle.”

The recent price limit increase comes not long after Dollar Tree, who also owns Family Dollar, announced the closure of more than 1,000 Family Dollar stores nationwide.

Why Else Are They Raising Prices?

NY Post reports Dollar Tree said that it’s raising its price cap to $7 as it sees an influx of shoppers making upwards of $125,000 a year. So, the store sees higher end customers saving money and decides to raise the prices? What are your thoughts on this move? Text us on our station app to let us know.

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