Do we have any awkward city names here in Central New York? Well, New York State sure has many.

Across the United States, there are hundreds, if not thousands of tiny towns. Dozens of them can be found right here in Upstate New York. Some of them are so small that when the 2020 Census data was put together, the city’s population was in the double digits. They’re so small, that you’ve likely never heard of them.

There’s plenty of New York small towns that just have extremely unfortunate and awkward names. Alot Travel produced a list of the “30 Most Awkwardly Named Cities in the World." The mission was clear- find weird, awkward, funny names for cities and towns all over the world.

"There are so many cities in the world with unfortunate names, just check out the ones in your home state alone-you'll be shocked. We can't imagine trying to apply for a job or sending out invitations with an address in a city like Ballplay, Alabama, but people live in these places, too!"

New York State made the list twice. Can you guess which ones?

New York State's 2 Most Awkward City Names Are...

The two winners for New York State were- Coxsackie New York, and Bitch Mountain New York.

For Coxsackie- "The town's name is apparently an American Indian term that means "owl's hoot," though it has many other competing definitions."

For Bitch Mountain- "While it’s not technically a city, this mountain is a summit in Essex County, New York that’s frequented by tourists and hikers. There are beautiful trails and cabins that you can enjoy if you ever decide to visit this awkwardly named mountain."

Imagine if they made a movie called "Escape From Bitch Mountain"?......Oh god.

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