With snowy weather ahead, which soup recipes bring on the cozy factor? These 5 are guaranteed to do the trick.

It's Soup Season!

Nothing tastes better than a warm cup of hearty deliciousness after a chilly day. Soup also saves the day when work days grow long and money falls short. They're quick to make and relatively easy on the budget.

Vegetable soup

Here's five tasty recipe ideas that are simple, quick, and absolutely delicious.

5. Thai Chicken Curry Soup

This recipe is completely unique but will warm you from the tip of your nose to the tip of your toes. It's savory with a slight splash of sweetness. Plus, you get your protein in with the chicken.

This recipe from Salt & Lavender comes from a blog that is catered to those craving comfort food without breaking the bank. Plus, their recipes are easy to follow and are guaranteed to make you go "yum!"

4. Lasagna Soup

Anything can become a soup and this recipe proves it. This soup is tailor made for those craving a heavy, Italian meal but is short on time. This recipe can also be modified to add more meats, cheeses and noodles.

If you have a picky eater that enjoys the delicious taste of lasagna, this soup will do the trick. Multiple parents have commented that their kids have not only finished their bowls, but asked for seconds.

3. Carmelized Onion Roasted Garlic Bisque

This soup is decadent, filling and oh-so-delicious. While the title of this recipe might strike you as intimidating, it is so worth the journey. This is the perfect soup to make over the weekend and keep you going through the work week because it only gets tastier as the flavors mingle together.

The lovely thing about Life Currents is that it lays out exactly what you need to do in order to perfectly replicate the recipe. They even have tips to work yourself out of moments that make you think "hmmm, this doesn't look quite right."

2. Dill Pickle Soup

If you love pickles, then this savory soup is right up your alley. This Polish staple has gotten many generations through the harsh winters and will certainly lift your spirits after a brutal day at work. Plus, it's just so pretty!

In addition to enjoying the perfect comfort food, you can also snap photos to brag about it later on your social media channels. Again, this recipe comes courtesy of Salt & Lavender, who are all about making delicious, comfy recipes with ingredients that won't leave you with sticker shock.

They also have some substitutions available for those with dietary restrictions or prefer a vegetarian variation.

1. Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

I have a pot of this soup waiting for me at home as I type this out and I can emphatically tell you that when I made this recipe, I turned into Guy Fieri and bellowed, "That's money!" when I took my first bite. The soup only tastes better the longer you let it sit, so this is best made in a big batch and savored over the next few days.

The recipe comes courtesy of Cookie and Kate. For those who wish to make the soup taste a little sweeter - peel and cut up an apple. Adding it to the blend will make it sweeter and really bring out those spices. I always take liberty with the spices I used and put in pinches of ground nutmeg, ground rosemary, ground cloves, curry powder, onion and garlic powder, garam masala, sage and ground ginger.

Like I said, it's money. You will float away on a soup high after having this!

What soup recipes are your go to during the winter?

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