It seems New Yorkers are falling out of love with Buffalo chicken dip, which used to be the most popular Super Bowl snack. What happened?

New York's New #1 Super Bowl Snack

Barbecue Buffalo Chicken Wings

For years, Buffalo chicken dip and wings were the most popular snack to serve on Super Bowl Sunday. The dish served up a scoopable, cheese-covered spicy kick that could make even the largest bag of chips disappear in seconds.

The dish had a chokehold on sporting parties and became so popular, recipe sites began dabbling with their own creative take on the signature dish.

Despite that, Buffalo chicken dip was always a popular choice because of how easy it was to put together. All one really needed was Frank's RedHot sauce, shredded chicken, cream cheese, bleu cheese crumbles, ranch dressing, and cheddar cheese to make the magic dish. Fancy people, like me, would always add in celery for the added crunch.

This year, however, another snack has been named the most popular Super Bowl snack in New York.

A New Victor

Shockingly, Buffalo chicken dip isn't even New York's favorite dip to make on Game Day. The Pioneer Woman found New Yorkers actually prefer to make chocolate dip for the Super Bowl.

The weird thing is, on a national scale, Buffalo chicken dip is the nation's most popular.

The findings just become stranger from here on out. conducted a study looking into the most popular Super Bowl snack for every state. When investigating New York, it found nachos to be the #1 food.

PhonlamaiPhoto's Images
PhonlamaiPhoto's Images

Only one other state said nachos was their favorite Big Game munchie, which was Massachusetts.

Nachos were actually the second-lowest tier of Super Bowl snacks, tying with banana bread, guac, and ham and cheese sandwiches.

While Buffalo chicken dip was the most popular plate, the second-most popular turned out to be pretzel dip. The remaining top snacks go as follows:

  1. Buffalo chicken dip
  2. Pretzel dip
  3. Spinach artichoke dip
  4. Jalapeño poppers
  5. Pigs in a blanket
  6. Seven-layer dip

How weird is that the state that invented Buffalo chicken dip doesn't even want that on its Super Bowl spread?

Super Bowl Snack Spending By the Numbers


Football and football helmet on football field
Thomas Northcut/Think Stock

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Americans are going to spend 1.3% on snacks than last year. The latest data from the Consumer Price Index says Americans will consume 1.45 billion chicken wings during Super Bowl LVII.

Americans will also spend 12% more on beef products than they did last year, with the average price of ground beef going for $4.25 a pound. On the other hand, shrimp is down 6.4% from 2023 and averages roughly $8.84 per pound.

Chips went up by about 6% in price from the year before, with potato chips alone going up by five percent. Guacamole and most avocado dips, on the other hand, are down about a percentage point.

What food are you most looking forward to devouring this Sunday?

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