Happy International Chocolate Day to everyone except New York.

Today is the day we celebrate the delicious treat that helps many of us get through the day - chocolate. Whether it be in solid or liquid form, hot or cold, there's a reason this candy was once viewed as a gift from the gods.

More specifically, the ancient Mayas and Aztecs hailed it as a potent aphrodisiac, which is definitely something since Viagra wasn't invented yet. Imagine all the testing they conducted to come to that solid conclusion.

Chocolate heap
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Anyway, I digress. Chocolate has come a long way since it was first discovered. People today can consume it in a variety of forms, but nothing can compare to the satisfying crunch of a chocolate bar.

So, consider me shocked and appalled when a national survey uncovered every state's favorite chocolate bar and found New York has terrible taste.

New York's favorite chocolate bar is...

First off, the study comes from onlinecasino.ca, which polled thousands of Americans across the country. I know, why are a bunch of Canadians so interested in figuring out which chocolates America loves most?

7-11 Celebrates Its 75th Anniversary
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I doubt it came from a good place considering Canada has a direct pipeline to delicious, European chocolate.

My suspicions were confirmed when I saw New York's favorite chocolate bars. Tell me if you feel the same.

Coming in fifth place overall was the Kit Kat bar, which is known for its crisp texture and breakable sticks that make it the perfect, on-the-go treat.

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Fourth place went to Reese's Cups, the delicious, peanut buttery discs of goodness that always seem to be slightly melted no matter when you open the package.

Third goes to Twix, known for its catchy theme songs and caloric overload of carmel, biscuit and chocolate drizzle. They also help teach people their left from their right.

Second place goes to Snickers, which is another candy famous for its commercials and for having delicious layers of carmel, chocolate, nougat and peanuts. It is also the candy bar that will make millennials instantly think of the unparalleled Betty White.

That just leaves us with the #1 chocolate bar of New York and, honestly, I am extremely disappointed.

The award goes to...

Not Milky Way.

Not Butterfinger.

Not Crunch.

Not 100 Grand.

And not anything that was made outside of America.

No, New York's favorite chocolate bar is none other than Hershey.

Citing Rising Cost Of Ingredients, Hershey's Raises Prices 8 Percent
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True, the candy bar is a staple in American famous and beloved invention, the s'more. But is this really the chocolate bar New Yorkers think tastes the best?

I am not a Hershey hater by any means. I am just flabbergasted that it was the Empire State's top choice.

Pit a Hershey bar next to any other candy and it would be destroyed. The bar is virtually tasteless if you try it back-to-back with another chocolate brand. And before you ream me with your Hershey hysterics, do yourself a favor and do a blind taste test.

Chances are, Hershey will be your last pick in terms of taste and texture.

And, to me, that says a lot about our palates. For a state that claims to have the best restaurants, recipes and local food - this really helps us look like we have a refined sense of taste. (Sarcasm is heavily implied here.)

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Overall, this is just a bad look. It makes us look like we are simple people that have the taste buds of a toddler.

My favorite chocolate bars

To offset any angry emails from Hershey fans who may accuse me of being the one with no taste, let me tell you the chocolate bars that I reach for every time. I also encourage you to give them a try before white knighting for Hershey.

Note: This list is not in order, just what I thought first off the top of my fluffy, ginger head.

  1. Milky Way
  2. Twix
  3. Wedel
  4. Leonidas
  5. Milka
  6. Dove
  7. Lindt
  8. Kinder
  9. Snickers
  10. Kit Kat
  11. Cadbury
  12. Reese's PB Cups
  13. Godiva

If I had to pick just one to celebrate international chocolate day, I'd probably lean toward Leonidas because the Belgians know what they're doing. My second pick would go to Wedel because Polish chocolate is severely underrated.

But since this is America and it's not that easy to get my hands on international candy, I'd go to town on a Twix.

Which chocolate will you be eating this International Chocolate Day... and why won't it be a Hershey Bar?

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