Parenting is so subjective.

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From parents criticizing each other in how to raise their own kids, to gossiping about how someone else raises theirs to those without children watching with fear in their eyes as they see parents seemingly dropping the ball on raising future members of society.

But for fun, there was a recent reddit thread that had it's own thoughts on the subject of parenting and what are outward ways of recognizing a terrible parent. Some of them certainly rang true to this outside observer of the trade. So these are all suggestions from redditors and not necessarily the opinions of the author.

1.Refusing to admit to their child that they were wrong or made a mistake

When your child is falsely accused, standing by them is a beautiful thing. When your child is at fault, consequences are a basic of learning. Never holding them responsible will create terrible adults.

2.Using the children for content

Everyone wants to be Instagram or Tik Tok famous. Yet it seems many children are thrust into it without really having their feelings considered. When you see a kid being exploited for clout, we all know what we think of the parenting job.

3.Turning a child against their other parent.

As seen in many a divorce, but even on display in homes where one parent wants to love and guide the child while the other one wants to be the most liked, pitting your child against the other parent is a terrible way to bring a child up. Children can make these decisions on their own and it can sway with the hour of the day. Influencing that is never a good idea.

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