Chips Ahoy! recently made a big announcement and the classic cookie could start tasting different here in New York.

I know we have a ton a great bakeries here, but Chips Ahoy! cookies might be my favorite chocolate chip cookie. Their cookies have the perfect amount of sweetness, chocolate chip ratio and help curb that sweet tooth. I've been very guilty of eating a ton of them in just one sitting.

Despite a lot of people enjoying them, officials have recently revealed that the classic cookie could start to taste different.

What changes will be made to Chips Ahoy! cookies?

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According to officials, they want the cookies to taste better and have more of a chocolate taste (this is so not a bad thing LOL). They mentioned that a special blended chocolate chip with a higher cocoa content and a higher concentrate Madagascar vanilla extract can make the cookie "just right" and improve them.

Officials also mentioned that people will notice:

  • A richer cookie flavor
  • A creamy chocolate taste
  • National implementation of a mixing process that creates the "just right" cookie texture
  • New packaging designs

Actress Keke Palmer will be front-and-center on the packages in a new marketing campaign to promote the new MMMProved cookies.

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When will the new Chips Ahoy! cookies be available to the public?

The MMMPROVED Chips Ahoy! cookies will be on select shelves in March and will be available nationwide starting in April.

I was a little nervous at first hearing there could be a recipe change, but now I'm all for it. If you get to the MMMPROVED Chips Ahoy! cookies before we do let us know how they are on the station app:

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