Witness in Albany says Man was Senselessly Killed at KFC ‘Over Food Order’
This is still is very much an ongoing investigation, and any and all speculation about what allegedly transpired at the Delaware Ave in Albany KFC is just that: speculation.  At around 2:30 PM on Thursday afternoon, the Albany Police blocked off a large portion of Delaware Avenue with their patrol cars, sending traffic on a detoured route around the KFC where a man had been shot a few hours earlie
See What Was Left Behind in this Creepy, Very Haunted, Abandoned NY Prison
Closed in 2011, the Mid-Orange Correctional Facility in Warwick, NY sits vacated, unless a few brave souls dare take a tour and walk through its supposedly very haunted hallways. Located about two hours south of Albany, it was originally used as a reform school for troubled boys and became an actual adult prison in 1979...
Dick Cavett's famed Seven Sisters Home in Montauk Sells for $23M
World-famous interviewer, American television personality, comedian, and former talk show host Dick Cavett, has owned this spectacular home overlooking the ocean in Montauk, NY for more than 50 years. Now, he's sold it and before the new owner moves in, you can take a tour of this spectacular oceanfront home.
Live Like Bilbo Baggins in This Pawling, NY Airbnb Hobbit House
Have you ever thought of yourself as the type to go on a quest to though middle-earth to the depths of Mordor? Do you like rings? Have you ever watched "Lord of the Rings" and thought to yourself, "Those Hobbit houses look really cozy." Well, here's your chance to live like you're in the Shire with Bilbo.

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