ABC News is reporting that two bodies were discovered near the New York state border with Canada. Offcials say two men were found frozen to death in the snow.

While the news has often focused on migrants crossing from the United States' southern border with Mexico, authorities say they had 189,402 migrant encounters on the northern border in 2023, according to Courthouse News. NBC News says that many migrants travel to Canada with visas, before crossing illegally into the U.S.

Some people from warmer parts of the world may underestimate how cold northern New York can be during the early months of the year. ABC says the "northern border is expansive and unfortified, but illegal crossings can be perilous, especially in the winter."

Two Men From Senegal Found Dead in Woods in Northern New York 

New York State Police said in a press release that troopers responded to a wooded area in the town of Mooers, New York for two deceased individuals on the afternoon of March 25.

two frozen bodies found near new york canadian border
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According to State Police, a border patrol agent and canine were conducting a routine search in the woods for any criminal activity.  K9 Connie then alerted the trooper of a black backpack on what appeared to be a snow-covered mound.

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That mound in the snow was a deceased male, say officials. The K9 unit would soon discover another body near the first, says State Police

The two deceased males located in the woods were identified as two men in their 20s from Senegal.

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An autopsy was performed at Glens Falls Hospital on the deceased man, and it was determined the cause of death was hypothermia due to exposure to wet and cold.

Coroner Deans ruled the manner of death to be accidental. State Police are still investigating.

NBC says that from October 1, 2023, to February 28, 2024, around 2,000 migrants crossed the border between Canada and New Hampshire, Vermont and New York alone.

This is compared to 200 crossings in the same period the previous year, says NBC.

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