A court ruling has changed how pricing on internet service is for some families in New York State.

If you've been struggling to make ends meet and one of the sacrifices you've had to make has been home internet things could be getting a little easier for you.

Back in 2021 during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic they tried to make the internet more accessible for all families. However the plan to offer $15 a month internet to lower income families got held up in court.

Now it appears that the court ruling has gone through and some families will be able to get internet services at a more affordable rate. The ruling came on the federal level because internet service is vital to both students and parents. The argument from the internet companies is that they can't afford to do that statewide. However if they don't comply they will be sued. The result - the internet companies are going to sue the state.

This could be game changer for so many families who have had to cut out internet because they can't afford it.

Given that so much of what we do is now based online it only makes sense to make a service like this more affordable for all. You can't expect families to have to go to places offering free wifi in order to participate in school, doctor visits, or other virtual things that we have moved to since the pandemic.

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