Dave Portnoy returned to the Capital Region a few weeks ago, as he and thousands of others found their seats at MVP Arena to watch Caitlin Clark and Iowa battle Angel Reese and LSU.

While visiting the Capital Region, a region where Portnoy spent most of his summer last year, he had to hit his favorite pizza spot in the area: DeFazio's.

He was given pizza, but more importantly, he was given a slice of DeFazio's incredible hangover cake:

That wasn't the only pizza that Portnoy enjoyed while visiting the Capital Region. He posted a photo in front of Prima Pizzeria in Schenectady, and was seen grabbing a slice from Pizzeria Sapienza's outdoor pizza stand.

Naturally, he reviewed both slices of pizza, and here is how they fared in his One Bite Pizza Review series.

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Prima Pizzeria - Schenectady, NY

First, Portnoy stopped at Prima Pizzeria, located at 3610 State Street in Schenectady. Here's his review of their pie:

Despite burning his mouth on the pizza, Portnoy fought through the pain to provide Prima with a very high score.

Pizzeria Sapienza - Albany, NY

Next, Portnoy stopped outside Pizzeria Sapienza on his way to MVP Arena. Among other things, he said the guy running it over there is a piece of work, and that he was afraid of the guy if he gave Pizzeria Sapienza a bad score.

Here's how it went:

The slice was described as doughy, drunk pizza, but despite that, Portnoy still assessed a respectable score for Pizzeria Sapienza's outdoor pies.

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