A report that was released late last week shared a shocking story about two New York Yankees' pitchers.

Both pitchers were reportedly victims of similar crimes, both of which took place during the 2022 regular season. The crimes were committed at their respective residences, which both sit outside of Tampa, Florida.

We've gathered the latest details on what occurred in the Sunshine State last season.

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Two New York Yankees' Pitchers Were Victims of Florida Robberies in 2022

A report from The New York Post named two New York Yankees' right-handed pitchers, Luis Severino and Domingo German, as victims of shockingly similar robberies in 2022. The report stated that both pitchers had their houses burglarized in 2022, while the two were playing in various home games at Yankee Stadium in The Bronx.

Police reports say Severino’s Tarpon Springs-area home was burglarized on June 1 and 3 of last year, while German's Thonotosassa residence was robbed on Aug. 19.

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Luis Severino / Getty Images

In total, over $320,000 worth of items were reported as stolen, according to reports. German's items, which were described as purses and watches, were valued at roughly $20,000, while Severino's stolen goods ("jewelry and other items") were worth roughly $300,000.

Authorities deduced that, based on the evidence available, these two crimes were likely committed by the same group of people. The suspects in-question were wearing masks, gloves and hoods when seen on surveillance footage.

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Domingo German / Getty Images

I know this statement is obvious, but you have to feel for both of these athletes in this situation. It cannot be easy having to focus on your job as a professional athlete, while also sorting out the details of a home robbery from multiple states away.

This story is further proof that athletes are human beings, and just like you and me, experience triumph and tragedy on a daily basis. As a sports fan, it's important to have that perspective when watching our favorite teams play night-in, and night-out.

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