It was nearly five years ago, on April 28, 2019, that The Simpsons aired their 660th episode, entitled D'Oh Canada.

The plot of the episode is fairly simple. The Simpson family takes a road trip to Niagara Falls, and the family's middle child, Lisa, accidentally goes over the Falls. She lands safely, but ends up in Canada, forcing the rest of the family to go over the border to bring her back to America.

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It's a funny episode, as most episodes of The Simpsons are. That said, it's an episode that drew some controversy, and specifically, it drew controversy from people who live in Upstate New York.

In the episode, Bart Simpson sings a parodied rendition of Frank Sinatra's classic song New York, New York, which the show adapted into a new song, called Upstate New York.

Needless to say, people from our area weren't thrilled about it.

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These were some of the quotes that Upstate residents may have found offensive:

  •  "...the one place that can never decline, because it was never that great..."
  • "...there is no fancy part of it..." as a sign for Niskayuna, NY is shown
  • "They're fond of their booze..." as Homer and a police officer both "cheers" beer mugs together while driving
  • "...stay in a city that never wakes..." as the family drives through a dark Utica, NY

Those were just a few of the...highlights? Can we even call them that?

Check out the full song below:

Here's some good news for Upstate New York residents who were upset about this. Out of the 23 episodes that aired during Season 30, the episode featuring this season was the fifth-least-watched episode of the season.

So, take that, The Simpsons!

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