The 2023 MLB season is officially underway!

All 30 teams enter a regular season that's following up on a very pivotal offseason for the sport. The league unveiled a number of rule changes for 2023, with the introduction of a pitch clock being the biggest change the game has seen in decades. The rule changes were followed up by the World Baseball Classic, which brought a lot of positive attention and energy to the game of baseball in early March.

Now, the MLB regular season is here, and a few Upstate New York baseball players might be catching our eye.

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Ten Upstate New York Native Baseball Players Set for Big Performances in 2023

Entering the 2023 baseball season, there are a number of baseball players, all of whom are natives of Upstate New York, who are set for huge performances this year. East Greenbush's Kevin Smith and Rexford's Ian Anderson are both looking to make the jump back to the big leagues and make a splash with their respective teams.

Elsewhere, players like Buffalo's Jonah Heim and Clay's Patrick Corbin are working to remain prominent members of their team's rosters, while Latham's Tommy Kahnle is working his way back from injury, and will hopefully be making an impact in The Bronx very soon.

The baseball landscape in New York is an interesting one entering the 2023 MLB season. Both the Yankees and Mets are dealing with significant injuries to their starting rotation, and questions about the teams' respective depth charts are already front-of-mind for fans in the Empire State.

That said, both franchises have sky-high expectations, with both teams possessing goals of division titles and World Series appearances.

Let's keep our focus north of the city for today. Here are ten players from areas around Upstate New York who are set for "major" campaigns this baseball season.

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The 2023 MLB season is now officially upon us, and these ten Upstate New York natives are set for huge campaigns this year.

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