It is one of the most spirited debates of spring & summer: who serves the best soft-serve ice cream?

The beauty of this debate is there is no right or wrong answer. It is all about personal preference, and which soft serve is your favorite.


We could go on and on about all the great spots for ice cream in the Captial Region and Upstate New York. From Snowman in Troy to  Martha's in Lake George to Cobleskill Diner to Summer's Best in Johnstown and so many more...the list of spots for great soft serve is a long one! But one Albany ice cream stand has gotten some national recognition as being among the best in the United States!

This stand also just announced they will open for the season on the first day of spring - Tuesday, March 19th!

Albany Ice Cream Stand Named Best In Nation For Soft Serve Ice Cream

The travel experts at Cheapism took on the very * ahem * difficult task of determining the 40 best soft serve ice cream stands in the country and one of our very own landed on the list. Their list is based on reviews from ice cream lovers nationwide, as well as food critics.

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No stone, or ice cream cone, was left unturned when they determined that Kurver Creme on Central Avenue in Albany is among the best of the best! Now we know locally why Kurver is so great. Whenever I'm with the family in the Central Avenue area during the summer, we always make it a point to stop in for a cone!

Here is what Cheapism had to say about Kurver Creme and its inclusion on this list:

At Kurver Kreme, one of the oldest ice cream stands in the region, vanilla and chocolate are always on the menu, along with a flavor of the week. But the sweetest treat is the iconic Cookiewich, made with your favorite soft serve — like chocolate, vanilla, or orange sherbet — sandwiched between two huge chocolate chip cookies.

For me and my family, Kurver Creme is always our go-to when getting soft serve in the Albany area because it is simply top-notch. Apparently foodies & ice cream lovers nationwide agree!

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