From the city to Upstate, driving anywhere in New York is no picnic. These are the 5 roads that are the most treacherous.

It is one piece of the New York living experience that can be somewhat exaggerated, but let's be honest - there is a lot of truth to New York's reputation as a difficult place to drive.

Navigating New York City is a difficult task, and while maybe not as congested as the Big Apple, white-knuckle driving can be the norm in New York's other city centers like the Capital Region, Syracuse, and Buffalo. And surprisingly, even some more rural and less congested areas can be dangerous as well.

To keep us better aware of our motor vehicle surroundings the experts at New York state-based Catalano Law dug into traffic data on some of the state roads that are "... infamous for having an above-average number of fatal crashes." These are the 5 most dangerous, including 2 roads connected to the Capital Region. Stay safe out there!

New York State's 5 Most Dangerous Roads [RANKED]

With plenty of big cities and numerous busy highways, it should come as no surprise New York state is unfortunately home to some of the most dangerous roads in the nation. While you would expect New York City to be the home of such roadways (2 on this list), the danger is not limited to the Big Apple. According to Catalano Law, 3 New York State's 5 most dangerous roads live mostly Upstate and should be navigated with the most extreme caution. Here are the 5 most dangerous in the Empire State.

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The Capital Region's Worst Roads To Drive In The Snow

Driving in the Capital Region can be a chore in the warmer months. But during the winter, there are some roads local drivers would rather avoid. That applies when the snow falls and in some cases when our wintertime nemesis, pool-sized potholes, begin reproducing like rabbits! Here are the worst Capital Region roads to navigate while driving in the snow according to YOU.

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