*PLEASE NOTE: The prices noted in this article are for the 2023 season*

Most Upstate New Yorkers live for the summer. The winters are brutal, and most of us are pale and vitamin D deficient by the time June rolls around. But summers, man! They're a blast up here. And for kids, nothing symbolizes the start of summer like a trip to the amusement park.

But can we talk about the cost? The price of everything is insane these days, including family outings. The cost of going to an amusement park can vary depending on several factors, including location, popularity, size, and the type of tickets or passes you choose.


There are plenty of aspects to consider when estimating the cost of your amusement park visit, like parking fees, food and beverage, souvenirs and merchandise, locker rentals, non-inclusive games and attractions, and of course the gas it takes to get there. But what I've assembled below is a good jumping off point for determining what you can expect to pay.

In addition to the added expenditures I mentioned above, it's also important to note that most of these theme parks offer upgrades, bundles, and season passes, and for those types of specifics, you're encouraged to visit each individual theme park's website. But if you're curious about the simple bare-bones cost of a single day pass, check out the gallery below:

Price of a Single Day Pass at 11 Upstate New York Theme Parks

Keep in mind: the bigger the family, the more it'll cost you. But these are the prices for single-day, general admission at theme parks throughout Upstate New York.

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