While my rock dreams may have been crushed by this call please feel free to enjoy not only for your entertainment but to find out how Jim can get you backstage to meet Metallica!

You know even in this business it is not every day you get to have a conversation with a rock legend. So when the boss man told me last week to expect a call from Metallica's Lars Ulrich naturally I went into a bit of panic mode I mean wouldn't you freak out if you got to have a one on one conversation with Metallica? After I calmed down a bit I followed up with hours of preparation leading up to the phone call that I imagine will only happen like once in a lifetime.

As soon as 'Lars' begun speaking I should have had some sort of inkling that something was off. With my adrenaline pumping and my heart racing I failed to pick up on the clues leading to the fact that I was being duped and the caller on the other end was not 'Lars Ulrich' at all...

Instead it was comedian Jim Breuer, who just so happens to be opening up for Metallica at the Times Union Center in October, pretending to be Lars Ulrich. Listening to our phone conversation you can definitely hear my heart breaking piece by piece but that aside you do get some laughs out of it and some pretty pertinent information from Jim about how he can provide you with some up close and personal access to Metallica when the play Albany!

Shout out to Michelle Radley of Avirl Park who put in her guess over the weekend as to who was pulling one over on me she (like the vast majority) guessed correctly and will now be going to see Metallica live at the Times Union Center October 29th!

Give it a listen and we'll see you at the TU in October!

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