Coach Jim Harbaugh talks about his old trick-or-treating strategy, that will make you think that he is actually the coach of the New England Patriots.

Thanks Jim Harbaugh!

So if you take the Coach's advice, you're not cheating your neighbors out of candy, you're a "go-getter."

Switch costumes and revisit the same houses, that just gave you free candy, is not like scamming them out of more candy or anything, it's a honest way to tricking people into giving you more candy.

I am going to go home and explain this to my 3 year old son.

I am blogging about it right now!

So I guess I am spreading the word.

Candy givers are going to have to stock up on candy now that we all know Coach Harbaugh's secret to a successful night of trick-or-treating, and Halloween is on a Saturday, so kids will have plenty of time to hustle on home, so they can switch their costume, so they can hustle back out, to hustle the neighborhood.

Or is Jim Harbaugh up to something...?

Does he own stock in oral hygiene products?

Or does he have scouts, that are going to be watching kids this Halloween, to see who has the most hustle?

I smell a hidden agenda...

Well played Harbaugh.

Well played.