So, you may read that and think.. what? really? well, this job is a legit thing.

Now, you may wonder what a job like this has to offer in pay? There is the hitch, its a volunteered job. But think about it, you are being paid in delicious, scrumptious bacon. I mean, some may value that over actual cash! I know myself, if they can work around my job in radio I would certainly spend numerous hours at night trying the different varieties of bacon they offer.

Also, is bacon ever bad? Like really, will they ever serve up an idea and have it not be bomb? It's freaking bacon!!

The store you could be working at is For The Love of Bacon in Guilderland, right off Western Ave. If you are truly interested you need to check out the link to their facebook page below.

Hey, what do you do? "Oh, I'm a bacon tester", I could get used to saying that.

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