There's a lot of renewed interest at present in the classic Sepultura album Roots, especially given that Max and Iggor Cavalera are revisiting the disc on tour. But the album has generated a mixed reaction from Korn's Jonathan Davis over the years.

Speaking with Metal Hammer, Davis revealed that he was initially upset over the album, feeling that Sepultura had copped their sound. "I thought [it] was a big compliment, but I also thought it was f--ked up," says the singer, who adds, "That was just a blatant Korn rip-off, and I had it out with producer Ross Robinson about that, because he just took our sound and gave it to Sepultura."

Reflecting on it now, Davis adds, "My young brain couldn't handle it. But they were one of our biggest influences, so I guess they get a pass. And that's a classic album, so it's all good."

Guitarist James "Munky" Shaffer says that it's all cyclical, continuing, "Here's the thing -- that was us trying tim imitate them! When Sepultura released Chaos A.D. in 1993, that was a huge influence on us, and it's one of my favorite records. Now I'm older, I can appreciate art inspiring art."

These days Korn are getting ready to release a new album. The Serenity of Suffering is due Oct. 21. Korn are currently touring, with their stateside run wrapping up at the Aftershock Festival Oct. 23. After that, the band will play a brief U.K. trek in December, then start up their 2017 touring in Europe in March. Dates can be found here.

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