It would be impossible for Journey to play all of their popular hits in just one night.

The ever-evolving group has released 14 studio albums and more than 50 singles since launching in 1975. Any venue's curfew would kick in long before Journey were done playing all of their Top 100 charting hits.

Journey kicked off their Freedom tour in February 2022, led by guitarist Neal Schon – the only member to appear in every lineup since the group's formation. Logically the set list is packed with the band's biggest hits and most beloved album tracks; there's also been with a renewed focus on songs from 1986's two-times platinum-selling Raised on Radio album.

Still, you could fill up the set list for a pretty great show using only songs Journey aren't currently performing on tour. Based on information, here's a look at the 10 best songs Journey haven't played on their 2022 tour yet.

1. "Feeling That Way" / "Anytime"
From: Infinity (1978)

These two songs, forever paired on radio playlists, capture Journey at an important moment of transition. Infinity was their first album to feature Steve Perry as lead singer. Greg Rolie, who had been occupying that position, remained in the group as a keyboard player and shared vocal duties with Perry on both of these tracks. The moment serves as a torch-passing between the two singers and more importantly as a bridge between the earthier sounds of the band's earlier years and the soaring pop music they'd ride to worldwide fame in the next decade. The band performed the songs live during an intimate July 2021 show at Chicago's Aragon Ballroom, prior to their headlining appearance at Lollapalooza.


2. "Just the Same Way"
From: Evolution (1979)

Rolie and Perry once again shared lead vocals on the first single released from the band's next record, 1979's Evolution. The album title proved to be very appropriate, as longtime Queen producer Roy Thomas Baker and engineer Geoff Workman helped emphasize the band's increasingly sharp vocal hooks. "Just the Same Way" was most recently performed at Journey's July 2021 Lollapalooza show.


3. "Daydream"
From: Evolution (1979)

Journey takes a languid, progressive-rock leaning trip through the stars on Evolution's penultimate track. Drummer Steve Smith told Something Else! the song was born from group jam sessions: "Most of Journey's music was developed collectively at first, and then fine-tuned into songs." According to, Journey has only performed "Daydream" live 15 times, most recently in 2015. Schon also played the song with various current and former band members on his Journey Through Time dates.


4. "The Party's Over (Hopelessly in Love)"
From: Captured (1981)

The only studio-recorded song from Journey's 1981 live album Captured was written by Perry backstage before a show at Detroit's Cobo Hall, according to the liner notes for the band's 1992 Time3 box set. The band then tried the song out at soundcheck, and liked it enough to record it and release "The Party's Over" as a single. The public agreed with their assessment, sending the song to No. 34 on the pop charts. But the song has reportedly only been played by Journey at 57 concerts, most recently on March 6, 2015.


5. "Still They Ride"
From: Escape (1981)

This album was a massive commercial breakthrough, as the addition of Jonathan Cain helped Journey crystalize an irresistible new sound. In fact, Escape was so packed with hit singles – including permanent concert staples "Who's Crying Now," "Don't Stop Believin'" and "Open Arms" – that "Still They Ride" had to wait until nearly a year after the original LP's release to get a shot at the pop charts. It still reached the Top 20, and the song has been performed live with some regularity in recent years, most recently at Journey's Dec. 1, 2021 show in Las Vegas.


6. "Someday Soon"
From: Departure (1980)

This was final song to feature Rolie and Perry sharing lead vocals, as the keyboardist left Journey soon after working on 1980's Departure. "That song was really difficult to write," he told Something Else! "The lyrics just wouldn't come. Finally, that's what popped into my head – 'someday soon.'" reports that there have been just five live performances of "Someday Soon," with its last appearance taking place way back in 1999.


7. "Do You Recall"
From: Evolution (1979)

It's reportedly been more than 40 years since Journey performed "Do Your Recall" live, on Oct. 9, 1981 at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse. It's not hard to picture an arena full of fans rocking out to the song's main guitar riff, which is vaguely reminiscent of the Move's "Do Ya."


8. "Departure" / "Good Morning Girl" / "Stay Awhile"
From: Departure (1980)

Perry and Schon's songwriting chemistry was in full bloom on this three-part song suite, which culminated with "Stay Awhile," the singer's tribute to old school rhythm and blues. Schon's opening guitar solo was trimmed for a 1980 single release, which peaked at No. 55 on the singles chart. "Stay Awhile" was performed numerous times on Journey's 2013 tour.


9. "After the Fall"
From: Frontiers (1983)

Not many bands could afford to drop a Top 30 hit from their set list, but Journey's decade-long run of chart success leaves them no choice except to relegate successful singles like the yearning "After the Fall" to a spot on the bench. says "After the Fall" was last performed live during Journey's 2017 Las Vegas residency. While you're waiting for them to bring it back, you can listen for the song during a party scene in Tom Cruise's Risky Business.


10. "Too Late"
From: Evolution (1979)

There's a very personal motivation behind Perry's "Too Late." In the Time3 liner notes, the singer explains he was trying to warn a friend struggling with drug addiction to leave town and get himself straight. "Too Late" was performed frequently on Journey's 1981 tour, but has scarcely been heard since: Journey only played it once in 1996, and once again in 2012.

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