I’d take the prison time any day versus doing chore with my mother. At least in prison no one will make me shave their back!

The Sun reported a story about a young dude who was being charged with burglary and instead of doing time in prison he was sentenced to chores with his mother. I’m sure this judge thinks he did a really unique good move by giving this kid a second chance like this. Judge David Ticehurst probably thinks this kid is going to learn the values of family and became an upstanding citizen some day. Wrong! This bro is going to be the laughing stock of the hooligan community. He’s going to mutter and recent everything he does for his hairy stinky mother. Each chore he completes he’s going to think about how he needs to do some real crime and get real prison time under his belt in order to establish some serious street cred! Nice work Jude you just made things worse!