'Jumanji' was that mid-90s movie with Robin Williams that was ostensibly based on a board game but actually based on a book. It's a fine enough movie that made some money and showed off what were, at the time, some impressive visual FX. But we've come a long way since 1995 and now we're gonna get a new 'Jumanji' movie that will be updating for "modern times."

'Jumanji' is probably one of those movies that really doesn't need to be remade. Let's be real: it was just an OK movie in the first place. They made a pseudo-sequel ('Zathura') and that completely bombed (even though, ironically, it was far better than 'Jumanji').

But with CGI being what it is today, Sony Pictures thinks it can improve on 'Jumanji' with some fancier looking animals. So they've hired Zach Helm (writer of the Will Ferrell movie 'Stranger Than Fiction' and director of 'Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium') to work on a script for a 'Jumanji' reboot.

The new film will follow the same premise of a mystical board game coming to life and wreaking all kinds of havoc in a small town.

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