Hey, Hollywood! Please come up with an original idea!

Hollywood in recent years has been 'going back to the well,' a lot. Thanks in part to major blockbuster box office failures and the quick rise then fall of 3-D.  So the executives have decided to either remake classic hits or make sequels to movies made 20+ years ago.

So far in 2014, news has come of a possible remake of 'Gremlins.' As well as sequels to 'Beatlejuice' and 'Goonies;' both of which make you wonder who they are going to pull either off so long after the originals. That's on top of the already known sequel for 'Ghostbusters.'

Now comes word another sequel that leaves us to ponder the question 'Why?'

'Mrs. Doubtfire'

Yes, the hugely successful 1993 family comedy starring Robin Williams as a man who becomes a cross-dressing nanny in order to see his kids behind his wife's back. The original movie ended with Williams finally getting joint custody of his kids with his ex-wife, played by Sally Field.

So... where's the point in doing a sequel?

The actors/actresses playing the kids are all grown up in real life and for story line purposes probably already have their own children.

What we do know is that Robin Williams is on board. So is original director Christopher Columbus; who is famous for other films such as Home Alone, Harry Potter, and Adventures in Babysitting. 'Elf' writer David Berenbaum has produced the script. No plot details have been released, so maybe it does involve the grand kids?

Who knows but Hollywood - PLEASE COME UP WITH AN ORIGINAL IDEA PLEASE. You're killing us with sequels 20 years later and remakes of classic that make us hate you more for trying to ruin our childhood memories.




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