When the epic flood from Hurricane Irene caused the Mohawk River to reach flood levels never before seen, popular eatery Jumpin Jacks in Scotia was in it's path. Flood waters reached almost 12 feet deep where patrons would sit on picnic tables enjoying their fries and burgers.  The restaurant reported that most of their picnics tables floated away and now are asking for you to help find them.  According to a post from Jumpin' Jacks Facebook page;

We are still trying to retrieve some picnic tables that were washed away in the flood. If you live down river from us and think you know where one of our tables is please post here. So far we've recovered 16 tables, but we are still missing 12! Please help!

The water and mud certainly destroyed much of the equipment inside the restaurant, but owners claim they will definitely be open next season!  We cant' wait for the smells of Jackburgers and onion rings waffling thru the Spring air.

So be on the lookout for their picnic tables, they are made of pressure treated wood and have enough sealant on them that they wont rot.  Most likely they will end up at LOCK or in a area that was flooded and is now dry.