The O'Keefe Music Foundation has provided us with some of the most inspiring versions of kids covering our favorite metal songs. As we approach the release of Slipknot's new album, We Are Not Your Kind, the foundation united a group of kid musicians, including an 8-year-old singer, to revisit the .5: The Gray Chapter hit "The Devil in I."

The rest of the group is comprised of teenagers who execute a stunningly accurate take on the song, laying down a heavy foundation for youngster Taylor Campbell, who expresses angst with staggering clarity and control.

The musicianship isn't the only highlight here as the O'Keefe Music Foundation filmed a full-blown music video. Kids are rebellious by nature and love to challenge authority, namely the authority of their parents.

In the clip, the group disregards the father's "no Slipknot" demands, giving way to wholesale carnage as a group of kids chain up a garage door and use a truck to rip it away from the house. Take that, Pops!

Watch the video cover of "Devil in I" below and if you're curious, here's the names and ages of all the musicians:

Lead Vocals / Taylor Campbell / Age 8 (Ohio)
Drums / Nate Tharp / Age 14 (Colorado)
Piano / Anna Imhoff / Age 14 (Ohio)
Bass / Noah Williams / Age 15 (Ohio)
Lead Guitar / Eli Dykstra / Age 17 (Iowa)
Rhythm Guitar / Aiden Combs / Age 17 (Ohio)
Backup Vocals / crowd of kids / Ages 5 to 18

Slipknot's North American Knotfest Roadshow kicks off on July 26. Don't have tickets yet? Get that taken care of right here.

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