Kittie, who burst onto the mainstream metal scene in 1999 with their debut 'Spit,' after forming in Canada in 1996, are celebrating their past with a 20th anniversary documentary project.

The ladies crowd-funded the effort, meeting their goal of $20,000 in just eight hours. The campaign now stands at $35,000 in pledges, with 770 supporters, as of this posting.

Clearly, Kittie fans are excited about this project, shocking the Sisters Lander -- Morgan and her little sister, drummer Mercedes. Neither expected such a swift response.

“To be honest with you, it was something that I didn’t necessarily expect,” Morgan tells the Londoner. “I was under the impression we would need the full 30 days to raise the money and it turns out that we actually shattered our goal in the first eight hours."

Kittie roared to the hard-earned status of gold-selling, teenage superstars on the back of 'Spit' in the early 2000s. But even with Ozzfest appearances, radio support, diehard fans and solid albums serving as a part of their repertoire over the years, they have dealt with serious label issues and a near-revolving door membership.

This project will offer a keyhole view of Kittie, inside and out, and they are not afraid to lay their cards face up on the table for this endeavor. "We’re going through hundreds and hundreds of hours of video. Things like the making of 'Spit' are things that no one has actually ever seen before," Lander confessed.

The project consists of a DVD as a well as a book, the latter of which will delve into some of the band's ups and downs more deeply. The DVD will be fun, whereas the book will be headier to capture the business issues and what necessitated member changes along the way. All former Kittie members will participate.

"We’ve had some bad blood with people,” Lander acknowledged. "But I feel like time heals all and we were able to put a lot of those things aside in order to celebrate the time we did have in the band together."

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